Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Student Group Profile: SEAS Green

In the spring of 2011, a new student group was born: SEAS Green. The beauty of college is how you can take things that you are really passionate about and join up with others who are also excited about the same things, and then bam--you have a new group of dedicated students willing to collaborate on a common interest.

SEAS Green's goals are to use their engineering prowess to help address and promote sustainable initiatives in the engineering school. There has been an overwhelming demand for energy courses at Penn (there is now a engineering minor in energy and sustainability), so it was only due time that the engineering school would also see a greater demand and an increase in extracurricular opportunities to compliment those courses. In addition to spear heading projects like investigating the opportunities to install hand dryers in bathrooms and cut back computer energy usage when computer aren't in use, SEAS Green also strives to connect students with opportunities in sustainable fields after graduation.

We have had lunches with professors who are working on research in energy fields, and we have hosted mini-lectures on special topics like the energy market for our members. We also had a lecture from the head of Penn's Green Campus Partnership, which is the Facilities and Real Estate Services group dedicated to bringing sustainable efforts to Penn. In two weeks, we will be sponsoring a trip to the All-Ivy Colombia University Environmental Career Fair where there will dozens of employers from energy industries in attendance. We are excited to take students of all years, freshmen through seniors to open them up to the opportunities available after graduation. The field of environmental and sustainable opportunities is quickly growing and we are thrilled to be a part of it!

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