Monday, September 12, 2011

Global Biomedical Service Program

Hello! I am Logan, a Penn Bioengineering undergrad. For this blog publication, I would like to introduce you to one of Penn Engineering's many summer programs that are open to undergraduate students. In May 2011, I participated in the Global Biomedical Service Program (GBS) through the Penn Bioengineering department, led by Dr. Daniel Bogen. The program combines a cultural immersion experience with an opportunity to put bioengineering into practice. Each spring, a dozen or so Penn bioengineering students travel to China to join forces with Hong Kong Polytechnic University students to help children with cerebral palsy conditions achieve increased mobility. During the 2011 program, we designed orthotics over 50 young patients in Zhaoqing, mainland China. The program consists of an 8-week class program in which participants learn about angle-foot orthoses, discuss Chinese culture, and participate in team building exercises to prepare for our journey. In mid-May, the GBS group heads to Hong Kong for a two week immersion to work with Hong Kong student counterparts and travel to a local clinic in mainland China to meet patients, and develop orthotics appropriate for their varying conditions. I personally enjoyed this program immensely. The trip was a wonderful cultural experience in which we built lifelong friendships with engineers and scientists on the other side of the globe and applied our studies to a hands-on, practical biomedical application that makes a difference in children's quality of life. And of course, everyone indulged on delicious food throughout the excursion. I highly recommend the program and encourage other Penn students to take advantage of this opportunity. Please pummel me with questions! I'm delighted to discuss every aspect of the program. ***Contact to get in touch with Logan and ask her questions about GBS!

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